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President Takashi Yatokoro
Takashi Yatokoro

“Growth with our customers and contribution to the development of the medical industry.”
We are facing this task head-on.

Taking on "challenges" is part of our corporate "DNA"

In 2000, we were the first company in Japan to start a Contract Sales Organization (CSO) Business. Since then, we have positioned our CSO Business as a leader within the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry, and we are currently the company with the largest number of corporate clients in the Japanese pharmaceutical industry hiring our contract MRs. We are especially focusing our efforts on education as we anticipate demand at an early stage and produce MRs in different specialties.

We have expanded our Contract Research Organization (CRO) Business to cover new fields, and we are steadily building an extensive track record with clinical studies for food products that swiftly accommodate the Clinical Trials Act, as well as with high-quality services in clinical research and development for pharmaceuticals that comply with laws and regulations.

Furthermore, we have established a new group company. With a flood of information available at our fingertips these days, people have shown a demand for accurate data and reliable products. We have developed the Medical Media Business (SPLENDID) and Health Support Business (APO PLUS HEALTHCARE) to cater to these needs.

We believe that our growth and success in our BPO Business and all other initiatives will help us make further contributions to the medical and healthcare industries, and we will continue taking on new "challenges" in the future.

We seek a perfect match between workers' happiness and corporate development.

Our ideal is to achieve "a union between the happiness of workers and the development of the company." To this end, we will strive harder than ever before in developing human resources and supporting their careers as we further expand our range of businesses.

APO PLUS STATION is continuing "growth without limit" to create new value defying past conventions, with the aim of helping people's health and prosperity.

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