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President Yasutaka Abe
Yasutaka Abe

Growing with customers and
contributing to the development of the
medical industry: APO PLUS STATION
will squarely address this theme and
continue to accept the challenge.

Since our establishment, facing challenges has been the core of our
corporate philosophy.

APO PLUS STATION, since our foundation in 1993, has operated a temporary staffing and job-placement business for medical professionals, such as pharmacists and nurses. We have met the demands of medical institutions and, at the same time, offered jobs for skilled, motivated workers to help them demonstrate their abilities better. To this day, the medical job service is one of our pillars supporting our success.

We became the first company in Japan to start a Contract Sales Organization (CSO) business in 2000. Since then, our CSO Business
has established itself as a leading player in the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry, which enjoys ever-increasing demand, in the pharmaceutical area, in which we have the largest number of corporate clients hiring our contract MRs.

Furthermore, we have taken our first step towards business expansion across Asia by establishing APO PLUS STATION (THAILAND)
CO., LTD. Based in Thailand, a rapidly growing country, we plan to carry out international business activities.

Another initiative for further exploring new fields, both in Japan and abroad, is the expansion of our Contract Research Organization
(CRO) Business. We have been providing comprehensive support for the processes involved in clinical studies and research of
pharmaceuticals, while at the same time accumulating results in the field of clinical studies of foods for specified health uses (popularly
known as tokuho products in Japan) and foods that are represented as being functional.

Believing that all our business growth and success, particularly in the above areas of business, will lead to our making further contributions to the medical industry, we will continue to stand up to challenges in the future.

We want a perfect match between workers’ happiness and development of the corporation.

The ideal we aim at through both our BPO and medical job service is the union of workers’ happiness and the development of corporation. We are committed to diversification of our business to assure our human resources diversity in career choices and allow medical professionals whom we send to pharmaceutical companies and medical institutions to create even better results and further possibilities in their placements.

APO PLUS STATION will continue its unconventional growth without limit,
in the hope of helping to improve people’s health for a fulfilling life and
creating new value.

阿部 安孝