To grow with customers and contribute to the development of the medical industry, APO PLUS STATION will squarely address this theme and continue to accept the challenge. - President Yasutaka Abe -

Since our establishment, facing challenges has been the core of our corporate philosophy.

APO PLUS STATION, since the foundation in 1993, has operated a temporary staffing and job-placement business for medical professionals, such as pharmacists and nurses. We have met the demands of medical institutions and, at the same time, offered jobs for skilled, motivated workers. To this day, the Medical Job (MJ) is one of our pillars to support our success of business. We started the Contract Sales Organization (CSO) business in 2000 for the first time as a Japanese company. The largest number of pharmaceutical companies in Japan hired our contract MRs. Now the CSO business has grown into our main business.

Collaboration with Qol strengthened our capital and business organization.

We became a group company of Qol Co., Ltd., a major dispensing pharmacy, in 2012, which strengthened our management foundation. Furthermore, collaborative efforts are underway with the other companies in the Qol group, such as a CRO-related company and a publisher. A system that can handle clinical studies and the preparation of promotional materials, as well as MR dispatch, has been established. We are proud of our proprietary one-stop service as a strength no other company has developed.

CSO business accelerates growth as a bearer of BPO.

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) is becoming increasingly important as a method of management support for pharmaceutical companies. A typical example is our contract MRs. We have had many cases where MRs with experience in multiple projects have achieved concrete results in their new filed. Talent like this is well-received by our client as a new type of professional. We recognize our mission is to contribute to develop the pharmaceutical companies in the areas of sales and marketing.

MJ business will do its best to resolve the shortage of healthcare workers in the medical workplace.

While healthcare workers are in short supply in the medical workplace, many people with qualifications or professional experience are seeking employment. To resolve the situation, we have increased our centers nationwide to expand the support system. We are also good at implementing detailed measures from the workers’ point of view. For instance, we started the website Mamayaku (Pharmacist Mom) that supports pharmacists raising children to return to work. We are always read to support our client with to brush up on their practical skills and even for job hunting.

We want a perfect match between workers’ happiness and development of the corporation.

The ideal we aim at through both CSO and MJ businesses is the union of workers’ happiness and development of corporation. Diversification of business has already been implemented to assure our employees diversity in career choices. The career plans from the mid- to long-term viewpoint, such as MRs hired in their fifties and older or appointed as training instructors, are not found in any other companies.

APO PLUS STATION will continue its unconventional infinite growth, hoping to help improve people’s health for a fulfilling life and create new value.

signature; Abe Yasutaka