APO PLUS STATION was founded in 1993.
After many years of growth, it has grown into a trusted brand.

OctAPO PLUS STATION Co., Ltd. (APS) was established. (Hakusan, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo)

  • FebLicensed by the Minister of Health, Labour, and Welfare was obtained and job-placement service for pharmacist was started.
  • MayStarted education and training service for pharmacist.

SepThe headquarters was moved to Hongo, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo.

JulLicensed for general worker dispatching undertakings.

SepObtained corporate education and training system certification. (MR Education and Accreditation Center of Japan)

  • JanStarted pharmacist staffing service (current medical job service) in full scale.
  • AprStarted the CSO business.
  • OctOpened the East Japan Office (current Sendai Office). (Sendai-shi)
  • JanOpened the Osaka Brunch (current Osaka Office). (Osaka-shi)
  • AprObtained education and training facility accreditation. (MR Education and Accreditation Center of Japan) APS started being entrusted with MR education and training.

JunOpened the Fukuoka Office (Fukuoka-shi).

AugMoved the headquarters to Fujimi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

Aprnergy Co., Ltd. share. (subsidiary acquisition)

  • MarOpened the Nagoya Office (Nagoya-shi).
  • AugOpened the Shizuoka Office (Shizuoka-shi).
  • NovAPS joined the Qol group.

AprDue to reorganization of the Qol group, MR education service was split and put into Qol Academy Co., Ltd.

  • MarOpened the Yokohama Office (Yokohama-shi).
  • AprMoved the headquarters to the current address (Nihonbashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo).
  • JulAPS succeeded MR-related education and training service as well as outside training service for registered sales clerk from Qol Academy Co., Ltd. due to absorption-type company split.
  • JulOpened the Saitama Office (Saitama-shi).
  • FebMoved the Osaka Office (Osaka-shi).
  • SepEstablished an overseas subsidiary in Thailand named APO PLUS STATION (THAILAND) CO., LTD.
  • AprAbsorbed QOL RD Co., Ltd.
  • JunOpened the Hiroshima Branch (Hiroshima-shi)
  • AprKansai Office were integrated to Oosaka Office.
  • AprOpened the Hiroshima Office (current Osaka Brunch). (Hiroshima-shi)
  • NovAcquired the shares of SPLENDID CO., LTD. made it a subsidiary of the Company.
  • MayAPO PLUS STATION CO.,LTD. and ZEAL COSMETICS Inc. established "APO PLUS HEALTH CARE Corporation".
  • JulOpened the Sapporo Office (Sapporo-shi).