Our Business

APO PLUS STATION provides a wide range of services, including H&B Business, in which we offer health support products, and
international business support for healthcare-related companies interested in expanding their business globally. This is in addition to the three core pillars of our business activities: CSO Business, revolving around contract MR staffing and contracted MR business; CRO Business, comprising clinical research support services in the areas of pharmaceuticals and food; and medical job service, comprising job placement and staffing services for healthcare and medical professionals.

Driven by our commitment to “Our Excellence Support Your Life,” we endeavor to create new value through the roles
played by each of our businesses to connect people together.

CSO Business Division

Contract MR staffing and business contracted MR Business

We offer high-level human resources with a proven track record to meet the needs
of specific projects.

Provision of outsourced training & continuous education services

We can provide customized training programs to meet the needs of individual
companies, organized based on APO PLUS STATION’s original MR training programs.

CRO Business Division

Support services for clinical research on pharmaceuticals/food

We provide support services that cover all clinical study processes, from the
development of a test plan, monitoring, assistance for the secretariat,
statistical analysis to delivery of a presentation at an academic meeting,
as well as staffing services of technical expert,
including CRAs, like clinical monitors and quality managers.

MJ Business Division

Job placement and staffing services for healthcare and medical professionals

We offer suggestions regarding the improvement of workforce stability, in addition to
meeting the permanent and temporary staffing needs of companies.

Job-changing support for certified medical professionals

We provide outplacement support services, in addition to helping medical professionals
find workplaces that will allow them to achieve their ideal life plans, taking advantage of
the wealth of information that we have on job offers.

Overseas Business

We support companies in expanding their healthcare product businesses, including
those dealing with pharmaceuticals, cosmetic products, etc., internationally, specifically
into ASEAN countries and Iran.