Business Overview - We will resolve issues of the medical industry through the two fields - CSO and MJ businesses.

CSO Business

The Contract Sales Organization (CSO) business offers a series of services associated with sales of pharmaceuticals by being entrusted with sales and marketing operations or executing such operations on behalf of pharmaceutical companies under contracts with them. An MR who works for a CSO corporation and performs this mission is called a Contract MR (CMR).

[Structure of CSO Business]

Structure of CSO Business

MJ Business (personnel services)

MJ Business offers comprehensive personnel services for qualified medical personnel. Exclusive recruitment websites are set up for pharmacists and nurses, and a website posting job offers from clinical trial firms is open to public. The best matches are realized by providing up-to-date recruitment information all the time. A professional career consultant with abundant knowledge of the medical industry proposes a life plan through work.

[Structure of MJ Business]

Structure of MJ Business